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Informational Session for Graduate School

Informational Session for Graduate School; Department of Nanoscience and Nanomedicine

연세대학교 나노물질·의생명 대학원과정
Y-IBS과학원 IBS 나노의학연구단
일시: 2016.10.24.(월) 오후 4시
장소: 학술정보원 7층 ICONS 룸
전화: 02-2123-4746
이메일: y-ibs@yonsei.ac.kr (http://ibs.yonsei.ac.kr)
주최: Y-IBS과학원

Randy Schekman

Lecture: Nobel Laureate Prof. Randy W. Schekman

Nobel Laureate In Medicine or Physiology 2013

Membrane structure and function in relation to intracellular protein transport

Date: 2016.9.29.(Thur) - 2016.10.5.(Wed)
Venue: Yonsei-Samsung Library 7F, Chang Ki Won International Conference Hall

job openings

Job Openings

The Yonsei - IBS Institute invites applications for multiple tenure-track faculty and postdoctoral research fellow positions.

Outstanding candidates with evidences of scientific accomplishment are encouraged to apply